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Did you know you can lease this?

People love to lease these days because it saves them from the responsibility of owning something they won’t use all the time. Not only that but leasing items you know you won’t use forever is good for the environment. Many people who don’t lease typically are not aware of the number of things they can actually lease. It is not just limited to cars and houses, you can actually lease much, much more. Here is a list of things you might need but did not know you could lease.

IPv4 addresses

It’s not common knowledge that you can lease IPv4 addresses, but you can! If you go to you can find out a lot of information about leasing IPv4 addresses, you can also lease our IPv6 addresses if you have extra. If you have a website that you are worried will crash due to a lot of traffic, some extra IPv4 addresses will be beneficial for you to have. But sometimes you don’t need all that extra space, so you can lease it for an agreed-upon time so you won’t have it forever.

Power tools

If you have a building job in your home or a DIY project you want to do and need some power tools, buying them is not your only option. If you aren’t planning to use power tools regularly in your life, buying one might be a bit unsustainable for you. So lease one instead! You can use it for the time you need and once you don’t need it anymore, you can hand it back.

School textbooks

School textbooks cost so much money, students are going even more into debt by feeling like they have to buy them. Well luckily, they don’t. If you are a student or you soon will be and you are worried about buying books, don’t be. Many students who have graduated aren’t making any use of their books, and if they aren’t selling them they are renting them out. Try and find the books you need and check if they’re available to lease.