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How to read correctly

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“Don’t sell books and keep your diplomas. If anything – sell your diplomas if someone buys them, but keep the books for yourself. “

As a result of the study, it turned out that the majority of men and women, after graduation, read … just for fun. As a rule, these are various kinds of magazines, fiction, low-quality prose. Serious literature is out of the question. The most people can know are the titles of bestsellers. Moreover, after graduating from an educational institution … they do not strive to read at all. Only one in ten people during this period read a non-fiction book.

These are the results of a study conducted in the United States in the 1930s. And it seems that this is about our time, isn’t it? With the advent of technology, nothing has changed. We have all the knowledge of the world at hand, and we spend time reading useless and entertaining information. We watch videos that do not carry any benefit. So what do you do? Read books. And you need to read them correctly.

And who, if not Mortimer Adler, author of one of the main books on this topic, “How to Read Books”, can give us some useful tips. Read and memorize!

 1. Read only those books that surpass you in terms of knowledge. The main thing is to know who your teachers are and how to learn from them. We all get the more, the more valuable any material, to understand which we make efforts.

 2. Self-help books that promise more than they can give are fakes. No book can help you acquire a skill without a trusted coach or mentor nearby.

 3. The most obvious sign that you are reading correctly and effectively is tiredness. Real reading requires intense mental work.

 4. Reading speed is not particularly important. The main factor is activity. Passive reading is not fruitful.

 5. Reading useful books is not about relaxation. Read at your desk, with a pencil and notepad.

 6. The main sign that you are actively reading is your notes after reading the book.

 7. Just don’t make your notes look like student notes. Take notes thoughtfully by writing down the main thoughts and ideas of the author.

Read, highlight, learn, and grow spiritually!

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