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Low business ideas

It is important that you choose a good location to carry out your entrepreneurship to your liking. The best location fits your budget and investment. You will also need stuff to set up your business think of a computer with internet connection, software for your business, a printer and a smartphone. With this you can arrange everything. For example, if you have a web shop you can arrange for a cheap shed or garage that you can use as a warehouse for your stock. If you sell cars you can create your own showroom. This can already be done on a small scale at home if you have enough space.


Do the necessary preparation before you register the company at the Chamber of Commerce

You first write a business plan. This also includes whether you need a possible business loan. This plan creates the complete design of your business. The lender can thus see if the plan is a match with reality. In it, you work out your business step by step. You also include the expected turnover and the expected number of annual customers. You work out in detail what the purpose of the enterprise is. You also write how successful your business will eventually be. In this way, you create a great new idea that you will later fully realize. These are the first steps to the successful dream of becoming an entrepreneur.

License, loan and administration

Check further whether the company needs a permit. The KVK registration is only done when the preparation is completely perfect. You ensure that the administration is in order. You first apply for a possible loan such as a starter’s credit. It is also important that you know all the rules of the AVG Privacy Act. This should include every entrepreneur in his regulations. Check that everything is done to the letter. Start now, and start your own business today!

The costs of starting your own business

As described above, starting your own business can be done with very little money. You can do this by starting small, opting for a franchise, or taking out a business loan or start-up loan. Now there are bound to be costs involved. You may want to buy and sell items such as cars. Of course, you will get your investment back and that will definitely make you very happy. The following costs you can certainly expect when starting your own business. But once successful, you will not notice much of that if everything is running smoothly.


You need to invest in a location such as premises or web store if you choose an external location

If you choose a web designer they will also have to be paid for such things as designing the corporate identity, logos and the design of the company website

You will incur costs for your company’s advertising resources such as advertisements and flyers

You should think about costs for the registration of the KVK. These are around 50 euros

You make costs for internet, equipment and cell phone subscriptions

You purchase software

You invest in products and services that your company offers

You pay shipping costs for your products. You can pass these on to your customers or incorporate them into the price

If you have staff you have to pay them their salary

You can do the administration yourself or outsource it. The latter also involves costs

You pay VAT to the tax authorities on your profits. There are attractive tax benefits for entrepreneurs depending on the conditions. For example, there are various schemes such as tax deductions for lower turnover and if you have been working less than expected in the business

A franchise entrance fee is between 5,000 and 10,000 euros at ChipsAway. This is still one of the most advantageous options if you want to start a successful business.



Further tax arrangements include:


Starters deduction

Self-employed deduction (also in case of occupational disability)

WBSO scheme

SME exemption

Business expenses that are deductible

The total cost of your business depends entirely on the type of company, legal form and size of the company. A sole proprietorship is much cheaper than a company with several employees for example, because you do not have to pay staff. You quickly fill your own wallet with this. Self-employed people are also advantageous because of their flexible employment.





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