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Madden NFL 21 Came Out: Is It A Good Madden Game?

Fans of Madden NFL have been waiting all this year for the release of Madden 21. For the last few days, it was possible to test the game via a 10 hour trial version. In order to have access to that trial you must subscribe to EA Play. Furthermore, From August 25, the owners of the Deluxe and MVP edition of the game will be able to play the game three days earlier. The official release date for the standard version is August 28.

There were mixed reviews from the fans after the trial version. The bad reviews concern the alleged lack of improvements in the game. Some Reddit posts claim that the improvements in the game are at best anecdotal. Twitter follows the same tendency with more and more #FixMaddenFranchise hashtags. Some people have also pointed to the number of bugs in the trial version. It is not a rare behavior from the fans. Are the bad reviews justified or not?

Electronic Arts has tried to reassure the fans by releasing a video. That video aimed to make clear that the new Madden game 21 is not Madden NFL 20 2.0. Gameplay videos have appeared on the internet during the last few days. It is safe to say that there have been real improvements to the game since last year. Some of those videos show the X-Factor abilities in game. They seem to be quite effective from what we have seen.

The real question is to know if the gameplay improvements can justify the purchase of the game. Electronic Arts has clearly made some efforts to make the game feel more dynamic. It is hard to make a completely new game every year. However, the new animations and the possibility to perform various combos seems appealing. Moreover, the new AI management and collision system bring more realism to the game.

The first official reviews for Madden NFL 21 will be available soon. In the end the choice to buy the game or not will come down to personal preferences. Electronic Arts has worked hard on the MUT mode and The Yard. In the next hours, we will know if the franchise mode has really received the same treatment from the developers.

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