NBA 2K17 MyCareer Badges Tips

NBA 2K17 players get badges when completing certain requirements such as achieving a good ranking in consecutive matches or winning a championship. Badges are somewhat similar to achievements in MMORPGs. The difference is that NBA 2K178 badges come with a perk that can be used to customize MyPlayer in MyCareer mode. There are two main types of badges. Skill badges affect a player’s performance on the basketball court. Personality badges impact what happens both on and off court in certain situations.

Skill badges fall into three basic groups: bronze, silver and gold. Bronze badges are earned when conditions are met. Gold badges are acquired when spending NBA 2K17 virtual currency to upgrade bronze ones. Completing more requirements will allow players to transform gold badges into hall of fame badges. It’s important to remember that hall of fame badges are not obtained through upgrades. They are unlocked by completing tasks. Each NBA 2K17 archetype has an associated grand badge. These are the best badges in game. Basic type badges can be classified depending on the specialization. Players will notice defensive, playmaking, athleticism badges and so on. There are 55 badges that can be collected. Players decide what badges to unlock based on how they wish to customize MyPlayer. The complete list of badges and unlock requirements can be easily found on the Internet.

There are two types of personality badges: those that affect gameplay and those that don’t. NBA 2K17 players will mostly want to focus on the first category as there are some badges that can improve game performance. Personality badges that don’t affect gameplay are not really that useful but MyCareer focuses on character customization so players will want to unlock some of them if they wish to give MyPlayer a unique personality. For instance, the expressive badge will enable MyPlayer to show his emotions. This badge is earned by performing the celebration action when it comes up. Unlike skill badges, personality badges cannot be upgraded.