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The Importance of multi-channel attribution

Whoa, there are a lot of channels on that chart. First of all, what are we looking at? The multi-channel funnels are focused on conversions, or anything designated as a goal in your analytics account. This information is necessary for the multi-touch attribution modeling. The customer had a conversion, but you don’t know what they did to get there. This is where your multi-channel funnels come in! They show you where people are converting on your site and what got them there. You can use this information to create multi-touch attribution models. Cross-channel attribution with Google Analytics is not enough.


In the past, it’s been hard for B2B marketers to attribute revenue back to a certain channel. But in the recent study mentioned, 59% of marketers said they don’t fully understand multi-channel attribution. In my opinion, they really should implement the model. Those who have seen an increase in conversion for their business, and know that consumer behavior has been changing. Multi-channel attribution is important for B2B marketers, but many don’t know how it works. A new study reveals that 59% of marketers are not aware of how it works, which is the main reason why they haven’t implemented it.


That sounds like a lot of work. Allocating values to different marketing channels! Although people might perceive it as more complex as single touch models like first-click attribution, it is much simpler as it is made out to be. Multi-channel attribution is the process of tracking what marketing channels helped produce conversions or sales. It’s a set of rules that help marketers figure out how much impact a certain marketing channel had on the conversion process.


One of the most important benefits of multi-channel attribution is that it gives visibility into which touchpoints are the most successful at generating high-quality leads. It allows you to allocate budget into those areas that have the potential to drive more revenue. The main benefit of multi-channel attribution is that it provides insight into the success of each touchpoint throughout the conversion process. It helps determine which sources generate high-quality leads for you and helps you allocate your budget accordingly.