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Top 3 most famous dishes in the world

Almost everybody loves food and a good meal is the perfect base for a nice evening. Some dishes however are more popular than others. You can think of many different cuisines when you think of popular dishes. In this article, we will talk you through three of the most famous dishes in the world.


From Indian food, to Greek food and French food, every cuisine has its own charm. It is therefore great fun to discover which cuisine you like the most. It is also very tasty, after all, you can eat a lot of different dishes. There are however three dishes that are really popular around the world.

  1. Pizza

Pizza is by far the most popular dish in the world. This thin circle of dough has taken over the world. Pizza is an old Italian dish. Why is pizza so popular? It is suitable for everyone. You can get a pizza with an Italian pizza crust, or an American pizza crust, but there are also pizza’s with a vegetable base, or with a gluten-free base. In addition, you can cover your pizza with everything. You can choose various types of meat, fish, vegetables and cheese. 

  1. Sushi

Sushi is a Japanese dish which has quickly taken over the world, especially the western world. Sushi has become enormously popular, but what is sushi exactly? Sushi is a small dish made of rice, seaweed and mostly fish. The fish is rolled into the seaweed and the rice and sliced into small pieces. That way you get small rolls with rice, fish and seaweed. Sushi is mostly dipped into soy sauce to season it. There is also vegan sushi, in that case there is no fish in the sushi, but vegetables, mostly carrot or cucumber.

  1. Burger

The burger is definitely not the most healthy dish, but it surely is delicious. Just like sushi and pizza, there are a lot of different variations for the burger. That makes the burger extremely popular. For example, you can make a burger with a lot of different types of meat, but also fish and even vegetables. You can also vary with the sauce, the bread, the toppings and the sides.