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Wow Classic: Blizzard Strives To Remove Bots And Cheaters

Cheats and bots are a problem that plagued the World of Warcraft community since the very launch of the game in 2000s, as there are always those users who pretend to be better than others using cheats and tricks that are not allowed by the developers and completely destroy the purpose of the title.

As time goes by and with online gaming in main scene, game development companies strive to keep their communities free of toxicity and expelled players who seem to play simply to annoy others, although it is a long struggle in which they must always be vigilant because, unfortunately, there is always some new trick or illegal method that they must ban.

Blizzard made it clear so far this year saying that they will do their best to free their community from bots and cheats that annoy the loyal and honest players of the title, publishing the following statement asking all users for help to report those who do bad thingsto definitively expel them from the game.

“Over the past few months we have been increasing our efforts to combat certain types of traps that players often call “bots”. Created to make money using automated play methods.

As you know, bots are often used by people trying to exploit the game to make money by selling in-game resources and level-up services to other players. The use of bots is against Blizzard’s terms of user service, and we take serious action against those who cheat in World of Warcraft.

We’ve recently seen some WoW Classic players ask, “How can I help Blizzard fight bots?” and the answer is always the same: do not stop reporting them. And thanks for doing it, of course.

Right-clicking and reporting cheat players is the best way you can help us increase the speed to remove bot accounts. Your reports go straight to a team of agents who investigate these issues, and who are able to take action if the case need it”.

A few months after the publication of that statement, the company responsible for Diablo and Overwatch reported the expulsion of more than 74,000 cheaters from World of Warcraft Classic, who were using automatic tools to collect resources or assassinate enemies without taking any action.

Logically, players who want to buy wow classic gold would take each game very seriously, since they dedicate time and money to the game, so the least they deserve is being able to enjoy while they play and not having to bump into any cheat who throws overboard all their efforts with a simple illegal trick.

Blizzard will undoubtedly continue to strive to provide the best possible gaming experience for its players as they are already hosting a new global tournament and working to add new content to this reissue of the old World of Warcraft that amazed everyone in the past decade and continues in a great place within the MMORPG genre and all videogames industry.

World of Warcraft Classic is now available worldwide on Microsoft Windows and MAC OS. You can buy WoW Classic gold in GoldPiles store now.